Chakra-Biology is currently in the works of planning two course topics for Fall 2011.

Previous courses have been presented by Dr. Hakimi at:

  • -  The Lionheart Institute
  • -  The Good Medicine Event
  • -  Medical Seminars + Other Venues.
  • -  Local Yoga Studios

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Chakra-Biology will provide information about the scientific basis for the energy centers in the body. Anatomy and physiology of each center is revealed and correlated to the psyche.

Hands-on application of the energy centers to identify and balance each centeris provided. At the end of the course students will be able to assess each chakra and the related physiological and psychological patterns as well as to balance those chakras.

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By clearing and awakening your chakras, you make it possible to bring the forces of conciousness from their respective dimensions into your body for use in the physical world…

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