About Chakra-Biology

The scientific evidence behind the body’s energy centers

Our experience of life and the environment is more than just the perception through our five senses. We may feel we like or dislike someone as we pass by them on the street without even speaking to them. We become energized and talkative or tired and quiet around certain individuals without understanding why.

We call it gut feeling, intuition, sixth sense, instinct, clairvoyance, second sight, hunch, premonition, inkling… Where is this “thing”? PET scans and functional MRI’s picked up certain activity in the brain and for a while we thought we found its location. This idea was short lived since further studies did not replicate the results.

The field of psychology tried to answer this question by introducing the concept of conscious and unconscious mind. However, even then the answer was not so clear as there is still differences between the Freudian and the Jungian practitioners and followers.

Examining some of the older philosophies like Reiki, Acupuncture, Kaballah, and Hypnotherapy, among others, we realize a paradigm of duality: “this thing” cannot be seen but can cause changes in our physiology. So, the word Energy Body, Aura, Energy fields and Chakras made more sense.

Einstein proved that Mass equals Energy in his brilliant equation E=MC2, which was the start of a new paradigm. Quantum physics recently showed that matter exists as a particle form (physical) and a wave form (energy). Therefore, bringing our physique closer to an energy body.

So, is there a connection between feeling our heart is popping out of our chest when we see someone we love or chest tightness when we fall out of love? and can this be answered physiologically? What are the organ systems that cause these feelings? Can changes in hormone levels be responsible for these profound changes or are there other factors involved? Can we explain some of these changes through the energy model?

Chakras are energy centers in our body, which connect us to the environment around us. Considered energy vortices, they can be working properly or not according to specific physiological-structural variations. If out of balance, they can cause ailments ranging from inability to voice our feelings, decreased libido, low energy, feeling scattered-minded or not grounded, to more physical manifestations such as chest pains, constipation, ulcers, PMS, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder.

CHAKRA-Biology seminars address the existence of the energy centers in our body by linking a parallels to the major organ systems and the psyche. These seminars bring to your attention the energetic dimension of the human being and the portals that connect us to the universe around us.


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